38528 - Flying Gadgets Radio Control (RC) 4 Channel F35 Stealth Fighter Plane


F35 Fighter Jet Aeroplane from Flying Gadgets

This great mini F35 stealth fighter looking aeroplane is great to fly and is highly durable and manoeuvrable. A true replica and mini version of the real thing.

With 4-channels this micro Stealth Fighter can achieve amazing flight patterns with great ease. Its incredibly light body means that its capable of some great acions and flight activity really capuring the wind under its wings.

Power and Design

The power and rudder movements are provided by 2 motors under the wings, whilst aileron and elevator control is provided by wing tip motors, which enable you to have great control of this aeroplane.

A brilliant toy for a novice pilot as the EPP foam body resists damage from crashes. If you crash simply start your flight again.


Product highlights:

 Durable product
 Easy to fly
 Perfect for beginners
 4 Channels

Package contents:

 Instruction Manual
 Spare Blades