GEA5002 - Aqua Mania Professional Remote Controlled High Speed Boat w/petrol engine


Aqua Mania Ultra High Speed RC Boat w/petrol engine - GEA5002

Be the envy of your friends with this giant 26cc petrol powered Catamaran boat.

From the factory installed high performance 26cc petrol engine, through to the custom designed fibreglass catamaran hull with aluminium running gear, everything about this boat is focused to ensure optimum levels of performance.

This boat is supplied with a pre-installed 2.4GHz high quality radio system. The Aqua Mania can reach speeds of up to 110km/h so it is suitable for the expert mariner. The 1.5 horsepower engine requires a petrol and oil mix, the same petrol you use to fill up your car, and a measuring canister is included to ensure you have the right fuel mix. With the vibrant colours and its professional finish, you certainly will not lose sight of this boat.

The Aqua Mania makes you the captain of one of the most powerful RC boats in the world.

This Aqua Mania RC Speed Boat is perfect for skimming across lakes, This professional series authentic Catamaran is beautifully hand crafted from fibreglass with a high emphasis on attention to detail. Its streamlined design will capture the attention of racers anywhere, and some say it's almost too good to drop into the water. Powering this extreme Cat is a 2726KV 9 Turn 33,000 RPM water cooled motor and 60A ESC which equals 110kmh of hell on the water.


• Petrol powered 26cc engine
• Glass fibre hull
• 2.4ghz technology
• Easy to set up and use
• Aluminum lightweight parts
• Speeds over 110kmh

Package contents:

• Boat
• Controller
• Instruction manual
• Stand
• Fuel mixer