101-103 - Battle UFO Remote Controlled (RC) Flying Gadget Twin Pack


Flying gadgets 101-103 Battle UFO (Twin pack)

Our worldwide exclusive Battle UFO. Fight battles with infra red rays. The controllers have simulated laser sounds. As you shoot each other's UFO, one of the flashing LED lights around the UFO extinguishes, until you have no lights and fall out the sky. The UFO resets and off you go again. Incredible fun for two people.

The Flying Ball Is a UFO style helicopter great for indoor flying as the propellers are enclosed, a good choice for beginners as it is easy to fly, Fantastic Ball Structure,3.5 Channels, Infra-Red Transmitter (Up to 3 models flown at the same time channels A/B/C),100% Ready to fly.

Different Colours

Coming in a striking black and white pair these really look great flying in the sky. The controllers have simulated laser sounds. As you shoot each other’s UFO, one of the three 'life lights' extinguishes, until you have none remaining and fall out of the sky. The UFO automatically resets, and is ready to go again.

The best bit is that with its protective shell its unlikely to be damaged. Incredible fun for two people, or three if used with our Limited Edition UFO. You have 3 life’s before your UFO falls out the sky. Make sure your UFO is the last one airborne!

Fully Assembled

Fully Assembled, Built-in modern gyroscope, Flashing Blue Light, Auto-protection for charging to avoid overcharge. Coaxial blade technology provides an incredible stable flight platform.USB Charger from computer or controller, Flying distance: 10m,Flying time: about 10minutes,Charge time: about 30 minutes, Suitable Ages 14+


• Black and White colour
• Can fly up to 3 UFO's at the same time
• Easy to use
• Great for beginners
• UFO battle game

Package contents:

• 2 x UFO
• 2 x Controllers
• Instruction Manual
• USB lead
• Spare parts