Caribbean RC Yacht - 8802


This Caribbean Racing Yacht is a moulded cruiser/racer hull, providing excellent handling in all waters with an excellent turn off speed due to the pre-fitted waterproof rip-stop nylon sails. Powered by the wind, and perfect for beginners, accurate control is provided by two separate 9g servos and an easy-to-use transmitter. One servo operates the rudder for left/right turning, while the other servo operates the sail so the Yacht can change direction and sail into the wind.

The Caribbean is easy to master and very speedy on a windy day. This boat is supplied with a pre-installed 2.4GHz high quality radio system, and with high quality 0.4mm stainless steel rigging, it is very durable. The bright white and red colour scheme means you will never lose sight on the lake of this beautiful scale like model.

• 2 x 9g Servos
• Perfect for beginners
• Scale model
• Nylon sails
• 2.4Ghz

Package contents:

• Boat
• Controller
• Charger
• Spares
• Instruction manual