Davy Jones RC Boat - 3352


This great looking boat sails smoothly through the water. With 2 high powered electric motors it can reach speeds of over 20kmh! It looks great and will ride right above its wake leaving other speed boats behind. Radio controlled so over 50m control range.

With a safety cut out that means out of the water the motors wont work, meaning that its incredibly safe. It comes with a boat stand. A great boat for beginners to get you in to rc motor boat racing!

• Speed of over 20 km/h,
• 2 x Colours
• 2 frequencies available 27mhz/40mhz

Package contents:

• Radio-controlled boat Davy Jones Spray 3352
• Remote control (requires 3 AA batteries)
• Battery and battery charger
• Antenna
• Stand
• Instructions