NJQX4 Ninja Quad X4


Flying Gadgets Remote Control NinjaQuad X4 Quadcopter

This new NinjaQuad x4 is one of the smallest quadcopters in the world. With the 2.4 ghz controller allows you to fly multiple NinjaQuad X4's at the same time. The NinjaQuad X4 has 3 different difficulty settings making it perfect for all flying abilities therefore suiting novice to experienced users. With aero Acrobatics Features - A full 360 degree flip mode means this quadcopter can be flipped through 360 degrees making the acrobatics very impressive. The new NinjaQuad now comes with Blade guards that are very easy to attach or detach. This makes even the most inexperienced flyer confident when taking the remote control, also making it even more safe to fly in doors.


Attachable Wheels - the new NinjaQuad can now fly and wheel along the floor, a wall and along the ceiling. That's correct, wheeling across the ceiling is a sight to see all controllable from the easy to operate remote control. The NinjaQuad X4 has a large Lipo battery giving you flight times of nearly 8-10 minutes from a full charge. Design Features include blue and red LED lights at the bottom which means the NinjaQuad X4 can be used at night and still be kept track of. The X4 also features shock proof functions to minimise damage on impact or collision. The Lithium ion battery is included and is charged by simple USB function. The 3 stability settings mean that you can make this fly extremely stable to get close the any object or space with ease. If you fancy a little more flexibility with the wind under your NinjaQuad, simply adjust. Extremely fun for both children and adults alike.


Packed Full of New Features That Will Not Disappoint
  • The Ninja Quad is now capable of 360 degrees acrobatic flips
  • Attachable wheels to roll anywhere across the floor, up walls or across the ceiling
  • Comes with Propeller guards for the novice flyer and for comfortable use in doors
  • Ultra-compact Quadcopter with amazing stability and speed for indoors and outdoors
  • Has a large Lipo battery giving you flight times of nearly 8-10 minutes from one full charge