101-101 Radio Controlled Battle Tanks - Twin Pack


Flying gadgets 101-101 Battle Tank twin pack

A 1:30 scale authentic design infra red Battle Tank twin pack. You can rotate the turret 360 degrees. Use the 2 channel manoeuvrability options to strike out your opponent. The Infra Red Battle Tank's multiple visual effects and sound effects including the flashing gun, firing and motion sounds.

Excellent Fun & Feature Packed

This FG toys 1:30 scale Battle Tank twin pack features multiple realistic visual and sound effects, including a flashing gun, 360° turning turret, authentic machine gun fire and shell fire, real LED headlights and even genuine caterpillar tank tracks that enable you to drive on virtually any terrain. To strike out your opponent, you must aim and hit their tank. They then lose 1 of their 3 lives. The first person to lose all 3 lives loses the game. It is a great product as a gift for two people as you get 2 tanks in the box. The tanks are driven by radio control so have a range of nearly 15 metres. The tanks then fire at each other by infra red beams. With realistic tank tracks they can be driven on nearly any surface!

- Radio control - Realistic sound effects - Real tank tracks - Battle game Package contents: - Tanks - Controllers - Batteries - Chargers - Instructions