2307 - Two Speed Fast (25 km/h) Remote Control (RC) Challanger Race Car Complete with Spares


Two Speed Super Fast (25 km/h) Remote Control Challanger Race Car - 2307

The only car in our range that has a ‘boost’ button. The high speed boost button pushes the car to reach speeds up to 25 to 30KM/h! The throttle is 5 step proportional and includes several flip and jump buttons to maximise acrobatics on jumps and ramps.

Accessories Included

Also included in the box are spare tyres and some mini cones to set up a small race course. Optional roll bar included. Different frequencies and three different colours are available so 2 cars can race against each other. With over 10 minutes of drive time available to you with incredibly quick charge times your be racing around in no time!

• 5 step throttle
• Boost buttons
• Cone kit
• 30kmh

Package contents:

• Car
• Controller
• Cone kit
• Spare tires
• Instruction manual