T40C Large 3 Channel 2.4Ghz Gyroscope Helicopter With Camera


T40C Large 3 Channel 2.4Ghz Gyroscope Helicopter With Camera.

T40C is the first Radio Control helicopter that’s installed with a high-pixel camera. Taking video is so easy, turn on the camera button on the remote control and the helicopter will proceed video taking. Combined with the new 2.4GHz remote control. The fascination is originated from the innovative design; it has a good-looking 810mm body length, weighted 655g and mounted with high pixel camera.

Wind Resistant

The 3D flight high efficient coaxial-rotor structure, strong wind resistance of metal stabilizer bar and double motors power system provide powerful driving force for flight. When the helicopter is flying outdoor and keeps spinning because of the strong wind, the MEMS GYRO has the strong ability to correct it and insure the flying stability. Full Proportional servo control system provide driving force for the flight, the parameter of the servo can be adjusted which enables the helicopter to well perform the actions of moving forward, backward, flying leftward, flying rightward and so on.

Multiple Users

By using the 2.4Ghz Radio control technology, up to 15 helicopters can be played at the same time. Moreover, T40C has the characteristics of long control distance up to 150 meters, strong anti-interference ability, small power consumption and rapid response. The helicopter can be mounted with high-pixel camera and take video when the helicopter is flying. The videography function can be played immediately after installation of the videography device. Installation is very easy and convenient; the camera angel is adjustable and the camera can be turned on and off when necessary.

Video Format

The video will be generated as AVi Format. One of our largest helicopters. This 3.5 channel helicopter comes complete with a high definition camera 1 GB micro SD card and USB reader. It is incredibly stable and great fun to fly. With servo controlled blades it is made perfectly for outdoor flying. With a 2.4ghz control you can fly up to 1000 models at the same time.


 Built in HD camera
 Perfect for outdoors flying
 Great for beginners
 Nearly 15 minute flight time
 2.4Ghz control
 3.5 channels

Package contents:

 Instruction manual