Camera upgrade for Remote Controlled Helicopter - C4003


Product description:

This camera instantly transforms the T53B, T53T, F47 and F48 into camera helicopters.

It comes complete with mounting screws, screw driver, USB reader and a 1GB micro SD card. 

It can take high quality HD pictures or videos by just a flick of the switch on the camera.

It is easy to download the images and videos from the card to your SD card on to the computer by using the included SD card USB reader.

All you have to do is plug the camera in to the socket on the main PCB helicopter board, then screw it in to the main body with the two screws and screwdriver included.

A great addition to a great helicopter.

- 1 GB SD card

- Complete kit including screwdriver

- Easy to download images and videos

Package contents:

- Camera

- Mounting screws

- 1GB SD card

- USB reader

- Screw driver

- Instruction manual