The new and incredible X-Voice from, a voice controlled quadcopter with new patented voice control technology. Controlled with simple words such as: "Take Off", "Go Left", "Dancing" etc. The X-Voice comes with a microphone  and earpiece so you can get feedback to make sure it is doing excactly what you want it to. It also comes with a fine tuning controller making it incredibly easy to fly.

The X-Voice comes with a large LiPo battery giving long flight times of nearly 10 minutes. Also a 2.4 Ghz controller gives it a range of over 150m. The propellers are protected making it incredibly durable. The X-Voice also comes with a return to controller function so if you are having problems controlling it just say "come home" and the X-Voice will return to the controller. The perfect quadcopter for the beginner pilot or a more advanced pilot who wants to have some voice controlled fun!


Voice Command:-

Take Off

Rotation 180

Show One

Go Up

Auto Pilot Show Two
Go Down Dancing Show Three
Go Forward Flip Forward Cancel 
Go Back  Flip Back Come Back
Go Left Flip Left Abort
Go Right  Flip Right  



1.   Speak clearly
2.   Place microphone 2-3cm away from your mouth
3.   Say "Abort" to abort previous command